TheoArtistry Festival

TheoArtistry Festival

‘TheoArtistry: Music as Theology’ (5-6 March, 2018)

Download the Festival Programme (PDF)

A two-day symposium on the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme, celebrating music and theology in collaboration. Featuring the launch of the ITIA-St Salvator’s Chapel Choir CD recording ‘Annunciations’, and the launch of the TheoArtistry Film Documentary.

The symposium will also include six sessions on each of the theologian-composer partnerships, as well as reflection by leading scholars on the implications of the scheme for future work at the interface of theology and music.

Join us for stimulating discussions and live musical performances.

All sessions are open to the public.

The TheoArtistry Festival will take place at The Byre Theatre, University of St Andrews, Scotland.

For more information, please contact Margaret McKerron.