The Song: Poems of Biblical Theophany

by Maria Apichella, John Bolland, Ian Crockatt, Christine De Luca, Marjorie Lotfi Gill & Christie Williamson.

Poetry inspired by episodes of divine encounter, or ‘theophanies,’ composed as part of the TheoArtistry Poets’ Scheme.

Edited by Caleb Froehlich and published in 2020 by Tapsalteerie. Available to order here.

Annunciations: Sacred Music for the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Dr George Corbett, this volume tackles the intimate relationship between Scriptural reflection and musical practice in the past, its present condition, and what the future might hold. Featuring contributions from artists and theologians from the Composers’ Scheme.

Available as a digital open-access version and available to purchase in print: visit Open Book Publishers.

Corbett, George (ed). Annunciations: Sacred Music for the Twenty-First Century. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2019. Includes contributions from theologians and composers on the TheoArtistry Composer’s Scheme.


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