Student-Led Collaborations (2018/19)

TheoArtistry student-led partnerships focus on developing creative methodologies in theological research.

The 2018/9 partnerships emphasise process rather than product. As such, each partnership will keep a record of their collaboration by creating a ‘scrapbook’ of notes, research and/or creative responses on their chosen theological theme.

They will round off their research by producing some form of critical reflection on their collaborative experience.

The current TheoArtistry scheme is co-ordinated by Dr Rebekah Dyer and Caleb Froehlich.

Past Projects

TheoArtistry collaborative projects bring together the approaches of theology and the arts to produce innovative creative works and fresh theological insights through a variety of media.

Previous TheoArtistry collaborations have produced exciting new works of theologically-engaged music and poetry, led by Dr George Corbett.