St Salvator’s Chapel Choir

TheoArtistry Recording

Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts & St Salvator’s Chapel Choir
Dr George Corbett and ITIA researchers teamed up with Tom Wilkinson and St Salvator’s Chapel Choir to produce a new TheoArtistry recording.

The recording, entitled Annunciations: Sacred Music for the 21st Century, featured original compositions created through the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme (2016-17). The recording was released on CD in March 2018.

ITIA (The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts) provided expertise on the relationship between theology and music, research on the theological contexts of the musical programme, as well as help curating secular and liturgical performances by the choir.

‘St Salvator’s is an outstanding chapel choir, and ITIA is delighted to be collaborating with Tom Wilkinson and the superb musicians in the choir. Composers from Bach to James MacMillan have been inspired by their Christian faith, and music is for many people, whether believers or not, a profound spiritual, intellectual and emotional resource. The Theoartistry recording, entitled ‘Annunciations’, is an opportunity to celebrate the way that the divine seems to speak to humanity through music.’ — George Corbett

‘St Salvator’s Chapel Choir and I are delighted to be teaming up with Dr Corbett and ITIA. This project will probe the very nature of what we as a chapel choir do, and we anticipate that the process will be very rewarding for everyone involved. It’s always exciting to work with James MacMillan, with whom we’ve worked several times before.’ — Tom Wilkinson

See a documentary on the choir’s recent project: Bach and the Stile Antico: Evolution of a Creed