Two triads and a duet

Given the exceptionally broad scope of the student-led collaborations, our participants’ initial task was to narrow down their field of interest. The partnerships – organised into two ‘triads’ and a ‘duet’ – have each adopted a distinctive approach in their choice of subject, art forms, and potential outcomes.

They have now refined their chosen subjects into research questions. These will help guide their explorations as they combine creative practice with established academic methods in theology.

Read on to catch a glimpse of their projects in the participants’ own words:

Jenna, Michael & James:

‘Our aim is to investigate the role wonder plays in the production and appreciation of art.’

“How, if at all, does the experience of wonder (as awe, fear, admiration, etc.) reflect or imitate the creation narrative in Genesis 1 (e.g., attempting to describe gender in the context of the ‘image of God’ and the non-physicality of the divine), and to what extent do experiences of wonder at artwork resemble experiences of wonder at the Divine?”

Marjorie & Mariah:

‘What does it mean to be home in Christ?’ or, ‘How is Christ our home?’

“This provides the framework for our sub-points of exploration, namely, as it relates to genuine Christian hospitality (so perhaps another question emerges: ‘In this space of hospitality, how are we both guest and host?’). Once we understand our security and identity in Christ (a primary sense of belonging, embodying the mindset of ‘I am who I am’) then we can find freedom in directing our love and devotion to the ‘other’; we can witness the face of Christ in our neighbor instead of some kind of threat.”

Emily, Hannah & Ewan:

‘In what ways do spiritually-/religiously-minded artists address the question of the body and soul in tension?’

“Our chosen art forms are music (Emily) and poetry (Hannah), and these forms will engage two practices of making: composition and live performance. […] While Emily and Hannah will work on their artistic creations, Ewan will bring thoughtful and engaging research to the discussion and workshopping phases, serving to enhance our collective understanding of the theme and to ensure that our art works are purposeful and effective in expressing these themes.”

The precise shape and character of each project will continue to evolve as the collaborations unfold throughout the semester.

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