Creatively theological: Student-Led Collaborations in review

With the turning of the academic year, the 2018/19 Student-Led Partnerships have drawn to a close. Here, we look back on the findings of the scheme as they emerged from each of our three partnerships. The intention of this TheoArtistry scheme was ‘to develop creative methodologies in theological research.’ Our researchers were encouraged to focus … Read more

Poetry: “Where I’m From”

As part of the 2018/19 TheoArtistry collaborations, each partnership was asked to keep an ongoing ‘scrapbook’ of any ideas, source material, and art-making that formed a part of their research. The following poems capture a significant moment of connection within Marjorie and Mariah’s collaboration. Developing a relational model for their partnership, based on a mutual … Read more

Spirituality in Creativity (Part 1)

This three-part blog series presents a joint contribution from one of our TheoArtistry partnerships: Ewan Bowlby, Emily Fleming, and Hannah Palmatary. These reflections have emerged from their recent immersive performance of original poetry and musical compositions, entitled “Spirituality in Creativity: A TheoArtistry Collaboration.” Spirituality is a complicated, contested idea, that will inevitably mean different things … Read more

‘Process’ over ‘product’

In both the art world and the academy, our attention is often on the finished product. Whether it’s a painting, a performance, or a research project, the goal is often to create something which is (in some sense) ‘complete,’ or at least satisfying to the creator and thus, hopefully, to others. Considerable effort is made … Read more

Imagining Theology: Embracing the creative process

Theology is a process of the imagination. This is not to say that theology deals with merely imaginary things (though theology in its broadest sense considers cultural myths and belief systems of all stripes). Rather, theology relies on our ability to imagine — to contemplate what cannot always be clearly perceived, and to envision some … Read more

Two triads and a duet

Given the exceptionally broad scope of the student-led collaborations, our participants’ initial task was to narrow down their field of interest. The partnerships – organised into two ‘triads’ and a ‘duet’ – have each adopted a distinctive approach in their choice of subject, art forms, and potential outcomes. They have now refined their chosen subjects … Read more

Mindfulness and Everyday Aesthetic Experiences

In this contribution, James Ursell considers whether aesthetic experiences contained within our daily lives may echo the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. The intersection between religious experience, theology, and aesthetic practice is a core interest of the TheoArtistry student-led collaborations. James is a final year PhD student at the University of St Andrews and works on … Read more

Contemplating the ‘blank canvas’

Beginnings can be a tricky thing. As the 2018/19 TheoArtistry collaborations take form, each of our three student-led partnerships have commenced the task of creating their own innovative research projects. The first step in this process is narrowing down their research topic and the art forms they will utilise to explore creative methodologies in theology. … Read more

Creating Partnerships: Introducing our Student-Led Collaborations

The new TheoArtistry scheme has begun! Hosted by the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA), postgraduate researchers at the University of St Andrews have been invited to bring their expertise, creativity, and curiosity to the task of developing creative methodologies in theological research. They will undertake unique and cutting-edge research projects through creative collaboration, … Read more