Creatively theological: Student-Led Collaborations in review

With the turning of the academic year, the 2018/19 Student-Led Partnerships have drawn to a close. Here, we look back on the findings of the scheme as they emerged from each of our three partnerships. The intention of this TheoArtistry scheme was ‘to develop creative methodologies in theological research.’ Our researchers were encouraged to focus … Read more

Capturing wonder through the arts

Following his TheoArtistry research on the nature of wonder, photographer Michael Thames considers art and art-making as a way of encountering the wonder that awaits us within, and beyond, our world. Wendell Berry once wrote that it takes us several hours to actually inhabit a place which we can pass by on the road in … Read more

Working with wonder

TheoArtistry researchers James Ursell, Michael Thames, and Jen Schmidt have experimented with a variety of techniques and approaches to the concept of ‘wonder.’ Here, they discuss the nature of their project, their perspectives on working in creative collaboration, and how TheoArtistry has influenced their relationship with art. Our TheoArtistry project began with the word ‘wonder’. … Read more

Two triads and a duet

Given the exceptionally broad scope of the student-led collaborations, our participants’ initial task was to narrow down their field of interest. The partnerships – organised into two ‘triads’ and a ‘duet’ – have each adopted a distinctive approach in their choice of subject, art forms, and potential outcomes. They have now refined their chosen subjects … Read more