Capturing wonder through the arts

Following his TheoArtistry research on the nature of wonder, photographer Michael Thames considers art and art-making as a way of encountering the wonder that awaits us within, and beyond, our world. Wendell Berry once wrote that it takes us several hours to actually inhabit a place which we can pass by on the road in … Read more

Poetry: “Where I’m From”

As part of the 2018/19 TheoArtistry collaborations, each partnership was asked to keep an ongoing ‘scrapbook’ of any ideas, source material, and art-making that formed a part of their research. The following poems capture a significant moment of connection within Marjorie and Mariah’s collaboration. Developing a relational model for their partnership, based on a mutual … Read more

Finding home with poetry (and potatoes)

In this final reflection on their TheoArtistry partnership, Marjorie and Mariah explain how friendship, poetry, sketching, and potatoes deepened their theological exploration of home and belonging. Read poems from Mariah and Marjorie: “Where I’m From.” Both Marjorie and I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to discuss theology and the arts with each other and the … Read more

Mindfulness and Everyday Aesthetic Experiences

In this contribution, James Ursell considers whether aesthetic experiences contained within our daily lives may echo the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. The intersection between religious experience, theology, and aesthetic practice is a core interest of the TheoArtistry student-led collaborations. James is a final year PhD student at the University of St Andrews and works on … Read more